Help the Environment, Install Synthetic Grass

The environment and the way we treat it is still a hot issue in today’s society. There are lots of ways we can improve our carbon emissions output because almost each choice we make in our daily life has some sort of impact on our carbon footprint. One of the areas where you may choose to change may be in your own backyard, literally. Unsurprisingly most homeowners lawns are made of natural grass. As distinct from synthetic grass. There are some factors to consider that go into maintaining a lush, green lawn: – Healthy, green, well-grassed lawns require regular watering. – Lawns require herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides. – Natural grass needs to be trimmed regularly with the lawnmower. – It costs money to maintain a lush, green lawn. Now replacing your brown lawn with a synthetic grass equal addresses each of these environmental issues. Trickling chemicals into the dirt will have a cumulative effect on the ecosystem with the chemicals leeching away into our water systems. At a time when water is scarce in many places, using it to water our grass is essentially a a luxury we can’t afford. A consideration to the elderly is also a factor. As you get older your ability to cut the lawn will lessen as will your access to money to pay for the upkeep. The answer could very well be to replace the grass with artificial grass. If you live in areas where drought is a problem, water restrictions are not uncommon. The very last priority during such critical times is the lawn which quickly goes brown and dies off. In extreme circumstances the grass disappears, the soil gets compacted and you’re left with a yard that has turned into a dust bowl. Synthetic grass comes with many positives such as the fact that the need for watering is removed, there is little to no maintenance required, heavy traffic won’t affect the ground, it’s green all year round and it’s less polluting because it removes the need for chemical application and a lawnmower. Not only all that but synthetic grass is made from recycled materials and is itself recyclable. During the height of summer your lawn needs mowing once a week as the lawn takes off and grows like at no other time. Cutting the lawn each week is just another source of carbon being added to the atmosphere, no matter whether you own a petrol powered lawnmower or an electric lawnmower. Switching from natural grass to artificial grass will make a big difference to your carbon footprint and will be helping to do your bit for saving the environment. Artificial grass will benefit the environment at an increasing rate over time, too, with every drop of water saved, every second the lawnmower hasn’t had to run and every atom of chemical that hasn’t been poured. The result puts the environment in an even better position than it otherwise would be. The savings in the wallet are the bonus that will convince people that synthetic.

Synthetic Grass Best for the Environment

Do you want a lush, green lawn for your home or business? Wishing to become greener? Synthetic grass is the only way to have a beautiful lawn and become eco friendly. Synthetic grass is best for the environment as it does not requires any kind of chemicals or pesticides for maintenance. Synthetic grass is appropriate for the residential, commercial and sporting applications. A quality synthetic grass product can add value to your property and can change the entire look of your house. Additionally, an artificially landscaped yard does not needs much of maintenance. This allows for more time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. A pristine lawn requires a lot of effort and extreme water usage. After having an artificial lawn there is no need to run the water hose or sprinkler for long hours. This is especially effective in summer when water saving is at its most critical. Thus synthetic grass leads to a great reduction in your water bills. Synthetic grass has many other advantages as compared to natural grass. In order to keep the natural grass in good condition one needs to spend a large amount of mon ey on fertilizers, pesticides, labor, water, and mowing. However in case of the synthetic grass one does not need to worry as the artificial grass requires none of these costly items. In any weather situation, the synthetic grass stays green. It will not turn dry and yellow. It remains green and lush all year round. This makes your lawn continually appealing and beautiful. Since artificial grass never grows hence there is no need for mowing. Synthetic grass saves huge amount of money as there is no need to pay someone to mow your lawn. This makes synthetic grass a good investment. Artificial grass lawns also prove to be beneficial for dog owners. The artificial grass is permeable and so any urine that drains through the turf surface can be removed easily without kind of hassles. The garden will not get affected and will remain the same, lusciously green. With the help of synthetic grass you can have a clean and odor-free environment for you and your dog. While browsing the internet you can find out a full range of quality synthetic grass products along with the wide variety of artificial grass styles available. It is advisable to choose a company that knows how to install synthetic grass properly. The quality of grass along with the quality of the installation plays a vital role. It is imperative to choose the experienced synthetic grass installers. However while selecting a synthetic grass installer it is mandatory to go through the person’s experience. There are numerous inexperienced synthetic grass installers who are promoting themselves without any accreditation. When enquiring, you should ask several questions like how long have you been installing synthetic grass as well as checking their testimonials. Superior quality synthetic grass provides a safe and healthy environment for the families as well as for the public.

Tiki Hut Roofing – Get Informed

Lo and behold the tiki hut and tiki decor in general is coming back in style and it seems that just about everyone now wants to have a quaint tiki hut sitting in their backyard. Even if you don’t have a swimming pool, a tiki hut or bar area will draw your family and guests like ants to spilled Pepsi.

The Grass Roof Look

Of course you have several design options to choose from, as far as the basic structure is concerned but when it comes to the roof of your tiki hut, you are rather limited with regards to its basic look.

Grass or Palm Fronds

It’s grass or palm leaves stitched or stapled down in a few different ways but in the end it will have that basic natural look that comes from the tropics where this type of roof is still in common use.

Tiki Hut Grass Shingles

Rule number one, is that the roof must be rather steep. That is unless you are using new tiki style grass shingles. These are in fact a standard manufactured shingle that has a shaggy hairdo made out of synthetic grass.

A Much Better Product

They are applied in the same fashion as standard asphalt shingles and shed water much better than standard grass or palm fronds. They also last much longer too and are also far less of a fire hazard.

Stapled Down on a Plywood Sheeted Roof

Another benefit if this type of shingle is that it is applied on top of a standard sheeted plywood roof. This might not mean much to you at first but wait until you see how difficult it is to construct a lattice work roof structure out of sticks, such as you will find in the tropics.

Tiki Hut Accessories

However; if you are determined to go with natural thatch or palm fronds, they too are available over the Internet and you can also purchase this type of roofing material that has been treated with fire retardant. Either way you go though, one thing is for certain and that is that you will also need plenty of tiki hut accessories to complete the total look of your tiki hut.

Synthetic Tax Rebates In California

Since home improvement projects and property-related renovations can sometimes be costly, property owners are constantly looking for ways to make such projects more affordable. When considering landscaping or outdoor home improvements, the use of eco-friendly materials such as artificial turf can actually provide valuable savings due to government tax incentive programs. With the scarcity of water and added droughts, certain states like California have adopted local programs created by the government to subsidize the employment of water saving materials. Since artificial turf can be considered a water saving material, it easily qualifies for tax rebates. Much like other landscape surfaces that help to save water, artificial turf is most ideal because it saves the most water with its ability to be completely independent of water all together.
The widespread use of artificial turf in many residential areas within the state of California continues to grow. This is because many households see much potential in adopting an environmentally friendly lawn. Aside from saving approximately 22,000 gallons of water a year, added savings accrue due to lower energy and water bills throughout several months and years. On top of these savings, the state of California has created tax incentive programs in which artificial turf qualifies. These programs are broken up by region or area.
The Save Water, Save a Buck incentive program was created by the Metropolitan Water Council especially for the southern California area. Since the program has first begun, there have been countless households that have been able to reap the benefits of tax breaks. Because of this widespread success, and its ever-growing popularity due to mandatory water restraints, in order to participate in the program, a reservation must be made. After artificial turf is installed, a form can be obtained and filled out after a reservation is made. On the Save Water, Save a Buck website, specific qualifications are listed in order to be eligible to receive tax rebates. If you are within the Greater Los Angeles area, rebates are given per square footage of artificial turf installed. The Waterworks District is in charge of handling such rebates. They issue rebates at thirty cents per square foot, or $150 per every hundred square feet of artificial turf installed. The county of Santa Clara gives up to $1000 a household for the use of an artificial turf lawn, while up to $10,000 a year can be given in rebates for commercial and business use.
In North Marin County, $50 per every one hundred square feet can be given to each household, equaling up to $400 per household. Even small apartments, condos, and townhomes in North Marin County can reap tax rebate benefits of up to $100 a year for using artificial turf. There are also evolving tax rebate programs in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and Corona. With the expansion of artificial turf use across the state of California, local governments are continuing to create tax rebate incentive programs. There are several resources online that continue to update programs and criteria.

Synthetic Lawns Prove Perfect For Child’s Play

Few can debate the merits of a lawn made from artificial grass. Year-round beauty, low to no maintenance, and no watering mean a pristine yard 365 days a year and more money in your pocket. Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington is a leading distributor not only of artificial backyard putting greens and indoor putting greens but also of the finest artificial grass in the industry, EnvyLawn. As such we’d like to remind you that from our golf greens to our synthetic lawns, all of our products have the great added family benefit of being exceedingly kid friendly.

Indoor Putting Greens A product your children can play on safely is a priority, and with our synthetic lawns that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our artificial grass is completely lead free and is made in the USA. Kids of all ages can play run and play on our lawns with no worries about itching, sneezing, or any other allergic reactions. Best of all, because it’s artificial grass there is no dirt or mud to be found. For any parent who’s had to deal with stained clothing or kids tracking dirt into the house (and isn’t that every parent?), the ability to send your kids out to play knowing they’ll come back clean as a whistle is quite a gift indeed.

More and more nurseries, schools, and the like are installing synthetic grass in areas where children congregate and play, and with good reason. Child play areas endure a lot of wear and tear, but our synthetic grass surfaces are up to the challenge. Unlike normal grass ours won’t flatten and wear down. Because our synthetic lawns are built to last, they will always maintain a safe and even surface for your children to play on. In fact daycare centers and school districts across the country have found our synthetic turf can reduce the severity of injuries from falls off of playground equipment.

If you could install a perfect looking lawn or play area that not only looks perfect year-round but was also safer for children would you do it? Of course you would, and the evidence is in that artificial grass from the professionals at Southwest Greens is just such a product. A pristine lawn that’s as safe for the kids as it is beautiful to look at is now yours for the asking.

Artificial Grass Can Withstand Cold Weather Conditions

Studies have shown that extreme weather conditions, such as heat, does not harm or damage synthetic grass-the same can be said with synthetic turf in relation to colder conditions. With its polyurethane and polyethylene composition, its materials are specially engineered to withstand colder temperature areas, whether it is windy and cool, or frigid and icy. The modern infill systems of artificial grass today also aid in cold weather. Infill makes the artificial turf slower to freeze in extreme cold conditions. In windier conditions, infill granules stay in place and further compact together, without getting blown away.
For many recreational and professional sports fields that are made from synthetic grass, it is convenient because during the off season for certain sports, worries about maintenance, grass dying, or brown spots are not of concern with artificial grass fields. The use of synthetic turf fields for multi-purpose or multi-sport stadiums actually cut maintenance costs quite a bit, since the surfaces do not need special climate care, unlike regular grass fields and other playing surfaces. While artificial turf has the ability to keep its texture even in the height of the winter, regular grass can freeze and become as hard as a concrete playing surface. Without infill, these concrete-like regular grass fields are very hazardous to play on, lacking cushioning that infill provides to help prevent major injuries.
For residential synthetic grass users in cold areas, synthetic turf lawns do not freeze up or become brittle, even when coming into contact with snow. A concern some individuals may have about an artificial grass lawn in the snow is whether or not it looks unnatural or fake when covered with snow. Artificial turf’s life-like appearance and tint make it very hard to distinguish from a real grass lawn, even when covered with snow. Its coloring is also very natural, not making it stand out or even look remotely artificial in cold elements. Some may look at synthetic grass’ green qualities as a bad thing in the winter, since neighborhoods are used to the browning of grass with the changing of the seasons. However, with modern natural grass alternatives like artificial grass, the look of a green and healthy lawn in the winter is now being embraced as a beautiful thing-at least more so than a brown, dying lawn that households have been forced to deal with in the past.
Synthetic grass’ technologically advanced drainage system does well to drain snow and ice. Since the turf backing is highly perforated, when the snow and ice melt into liquid, they can easily permeate through the turf surface, making sure the liquid drains through successfully. When the hotter seasons arrive, snow and ice will have melted away and manually drained in entirety through the turf, making sure that liquid isn’t backed up or collecting on the artificial turf surface. With its intricate composition and durable materials, synthetic turf is the ideal all-weather surface and real grass lawn alternative. It proves to withstand even the coldest and extreme weather conditions, including snow. Artificial grass systems allow fields and lawns to keep their texture, while maintaining a green and lush aesthetic even in frigid climates.

Dogs And Synthetic Grass

Households of all kinds can enjoy the many benefits of a synthetic grass lawn, including families or households with dogs. Since the beginning of time, man and dog have been inseparable. However, many a man’s lawn has suffered from pet damage. This includes brown spots, dead spots, tracking in paw prints, and barren areas. Natural lawns undergo heavy traffic and play from dogs of all breeds. Thus, such negative effects are basically inevitable and can wreak havoc on any lawn. With synthetic grass lawns, each and every one of these concerns is completely eliminated. Imagine a low maintenance yard that withstands traffic and play that even the largest dog breeds play on. Synthetic grass is the ideal lawn solution for families that have either a single dog or multiple dogs.
One of the many concerns about lawns for homes with dogs is whether or not it can withstand urine and pet waste. Synthetic grass yards are designed specifically to hold up even when coming into contact with pet waste and urine. It has a protective coating and is engineered to stand up to acidic liquids like pet urine, without disintegrating or melting. Synthetic grass’ UV shield coating helps to keep pigment and tint bright and natural, even after coming in contact with urine. Modern synthetic grass also has a technologically advanced drainage system in which the turf backing is heavily perforated with several holes. It is through these holes that liquids like dog urine can easily drain through effortlessly and effectively in multiple directions. The ability to drain urine through ensures that pet odor is kept to a minimum. Solid pet waste can easily be retrieved manually, like on a regular lawn, and/or hosed off for optimal cleaning. When hosed off, the drainage system keeps the surface of the turf nice and dry. If desired, regular household cleaners can be used for simple stains and effectively remove them from the surface of the synthetic grass.
Another great aspect about synthetic grass for dogs is the fact that it is very durable. Whether you have a single small dog, or multiple large breed dogs, a synthetic grass lawn stays intact and remains strong for several years. Pet turf is designed especially to withstand rough play and high traffic day in and day out. Digging, pouncing, jumping, and rolling around can be thoroughly enjoyed by dogs without the owners’ concern for their lawn. The intricate yarn composition and weaving create a very sturdy surface that lasts for years and years. Aside from being durable, synthetic grass for dogs is also very comfortable. The fine blades not only look, but also feel soft and natural to touch, as your dog will barely know the difference between a natural lawn and synthetic grass lawn. The infill layer helps to add cushion and comfort for dogs, so they can play and enjoy themselves without slipping around or getting injured. From comfort and endurance, to easy maintenance and reliability, synthetic grass lawns area ideal for families with dogs.